Our security drivers are trained in surveillance, threat detection, and advanced driving and escape tactics. In addition, our drivers analyze client schedules, select appropriate primary routes, and prepare alternate and escape routes to avoid predictability. As a result, we deliver you safely, comfortably, and expeditiously in your daily commute or event-related travel.

Our highly trained drivers can utilize your vehicle(s), or we can provide virtually any alternative vehicle upon request. Our concierge service specialists have access to a wide range of vehicles to meet your needs. Our security drivers can be offered as a standalone service or, more commonly, combined with our other protective services to provide a more encompassing level of security and safety.

True Blue Protection Commitment: We can deploy our security professionals swiftly and effectively to respond to an emergency. Whether the threat is found within your home, your business, or abroad, we can respond quickly to mitigate any danger. Our security personnel can be on the scene ASAP.

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